Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings Commercial

The promo video is up on YouTube and going viral. Ten hits.

 I'm Charlie Sheen Sharine. WINNING!

Today's Quasi-Spiritual Quote

"I am constantly in metamorphosis. Except when I'm in flight."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

White Board White Wash

White boards are really expensive! So Ron and I are becoming DIY white board makers tonight as we need it for the main stage prop in my "Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings" promo video. We're shooting this weekend!

Monday, February 14, 2011

BlipsWerx Makes "CRM" Commercial

A promotional video for my book/music, "Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings," is in production!

Will post the link when we roll it out on the internets ; )

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Final Proof?!

Dear readers, I just ordered the (hopefully) final proof of my book, "Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings." And like you, I am wondering when the book and music will be available for distribution!

CD artwork and duplication? Next on the list. So many details to finalize.

On top of that, did I mention the brand new web site dedicated to the project? BlipsWerx Productions allocated meager funds, so guess who is also playing website designer?

But it's all for you! I want you to have access to the material you love: Kindle e-books, PDF e-books, MP3 downloads, traditional paperback books with widely-playable CD, etc.

Yet I wait. With you.

And my Inner Archivist? Don't even get me started!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What's Up With My Book?!

"Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings," the book and music CD, are done!

Well, not exactly.
PhotoShop version of
"Cravings, Ravings &
Misbehavings" book!

The writing part was fairly easy and fun, but the technical stuff such as formatting for Kindle and paperback book... not so much.

CD artwork, duplication and technical aspects for download capability -- another set of issues.

Still, I carry on, as patiently as possible, given the mountain of challenges I face hourly. Because one day, it will all end.

The book will be available for Kindle (maybe even other readers!), and for paperback lovers. The companion music will be available for MP3 download and on CD inside the paperback version.

Everything will come together, come hell or high water!

Meanwhile, I am working on my web site and creating other options for the music and e-book until Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com approve my project.

I will continue to update you as I roll with this process. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive, and to the winners of the "Back-Cover-Quote" contest: Vanessa V., Sandra M., and Heidi E.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Progress Report

School and cooking have cut into my creative time!

I have been writing for only four to five hours each week and would like to bump that up to fifteen. Making a promise to myself now that I will write for 7 hours this week and begin to log my sessions to keep better track of my progress.

Another note: In my writing session yesterday, I noticed that the Ravings category was sorely lacking material compared to Cravings and Misbehavings. I spent extra time working on that segment and it is filling out nicely. Or not so nicely, depending on the topic!

Final comment: I have a list of songs for the accompanying CD and need to record one from the beginning and re-record and/or master many of the others. Our main recording equipment is currently dysfunctional and has been for nearly eight months (slow-to-respond manufacturer).

But Ron and I discussed it last night, and we are going to be up and running this weekend -- even if that means using the old mixer and limiting headphone mixes.

Must get on with the production!