Friday, January 2, 2009

New Web Site: Ready Enough!

I'm putting out the word that, with its new image and easy-to-navigate layout is on the web! Soon, I'll even have some news for the news page.

Until then, please know that I have been sneaking in design hours between my other duties, responsibilities, and crazy times in bed.

That said, I do hope you enjoy the site. And of course, your earnest feedback is welcome. Just post a comment here on the Sharine Music Mind & Mystique blog, or email me from the web site contact page. Simple and effective.

And although I can't commit to replying to every email you send or implementing your design changes or any other changes for that matter, I appreciate your visits and your creative commentary!

Now go download an archived song mp3 from my site and enjoy the other side of the future of music!

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