Monday, March 2, 2009

Web Site Up and Ready for Viewing

The latest gentrification of is finished and the web site is on line!

With an updated branding logo and custom textured background, the site has a unique look and feel.

Be sure to visit the music page and play around on my virtual "jukebox!" Hear clips of every song from three of my CDs, plus a sample of every single that I've made available, then purchase one or many via PayPal.

More interactive features include a new contact form, an easy way to subscribe to any news or updates I release, and two Flash Videos for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Here's a snapshot of the "images" page with a slideshow of photos and a text log containing information and fun facts about each image.

Naturally, I included a link to this blog, so you have lots of ways to stay in touch or email comments from my web site.

Go visit now and let me know how everything's working!

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