Friday, September 25, 2009


Here's the truth: I'm on hiatus from writing, recording and performing music. I was trying to tell myself that I'm just too busy to make music, but in reality, I'm burned out.

After spending fifteen years in Los Angeles cutting my chops and banging my head on industry doors, I moved to central California, where a virtual vacuum exists regarding a music scene (read: appreciative audience) for performing singer-songwriters like myself.

I find no joy in performing for an audience that talks louder than the music. AND I find a big negative in the fact that there are no decent paying gigs.

As far as I'm concerned, the live music scene, for all but the already connected or those willing to live with the conditions, covenants and restrictions, is a pile of rubble.

But I'll leave that discussion to the "experts," as it's not my career to assess the current state of the music industry, only to take care of myself and follow my inner compass.

That said, I may still jot down a good hook or strum through a chord progression if the mood suits me. But I'm relieving myself of the pressure to achieve that dream music career as I acknowledge and fully experience my sabbatical.

Is it temporary? Will I write another song? Go back to the stage regardless of the audience? Where is this leading? I don't know, and that's okay. My heart is still in music, and that flame won't die. I'm simply turning down the heat and doing a little soul searching.

Think of it as an extended meditation. Vacation. Retreat. That sounds sweet.

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