Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Work!

My hiatus from creative endeavors was brought to an abrupt halt a few days ago with the announcement by my sister that I should write a book.

Apparently, this decision was made behind my back and christened by my father and dear friend Tania from Ecuador.

After I forgave my sister for that part of the deal, we discussed the content and even the title of the book and I signed on to my new project. It mainly involves tales of my life and my loves, plus food and wine, which are also both loves of mine, of course!

Interestingly enough, when I talked with friend Sandra about this just days later, she turned it into a music project as well. No details now, just be ready for some new Sharine music to accompany this non-fiction endeavor!

Meanwhile, I'm carving out precious moments to write and edit.

If you want me to mention you in my book, write a comment on this post or after reading this post on my food & wine blog, and I'll consider your request if you give me a really good reason! But, caveat emptor, I will tell the truth and use your first name and city of residence!

This is really exciting, so after I post this, I'm going to open the L'il Champ (my suddenly and surprisingly out-of-retirement iBook) to start shredding words!

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