Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Progress Report

School and cooking have cut into my creative time!

I have been writing for only four to five hours each week and would like to bump that up to fifteen. Making a promise to myself now that I will write for 7 hours this week and begin to log my sessions to keep better track of my progress.

Another note: In my writing session yesterday, I noticed that the Ravings category was sorely lacking material compared to Cravings and Misbehavings. I spent extra time working on that segment and it is filling out nicely. Or not so nicely, depending on the topic!

Final comment: I have a list of songs for the accompanying CD and need to record one from the beginning and re-record and/or master many of the others. Our main recording equipment is currently dysfunctional and has been for nearly eight months (slow-to-respond manufacturer).

But Ron and I discussed it last night, and we are going to be up and running this weekend -- even if that means using the old mixer and limiting headphone mixes.

Must get on with the production!

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