Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank You.... all my friends and fans who analyzed my updated web site!

Of course, I received many tips and helpful hints at what wasn't working, so H/T Sandra M. in Minnesota, Gentry B., currently in Mexico, and Jeni S. in Southampton U.K.!

Now here are a few quotes after I finished the details:

"I love it in all it's purpley glory!! It's very easy to navigate and I really like the flash on the front page and also the images. What a rockin' improvement!" - Vanessa V., Pennsylvania

"I think the About page is bad ass. I laughed. Good stuff." - Gentry B., Mexico

"Nice updates on your web site. Keep up the good work!" - Heidi E., Central California

"It's Great! Nice songs. I like the colors also. Just what the hell is a Blog anyway? Never could figure that one out." - Elde S., Southern California

"Looks GREAT! Track demos are nice touch, photos are very cool. A++ on the bio ... your prose is genius and very entertaining." -Allison M., Idaho

I plan to continue improving the site, but for now, get your music-loving self over there -- it's one click away -- and stay awhile.

Be sure to download the free mp3, and purchase a few singles and a CD or three  ; )

1 comment:

Heidi said...

Hi there Sharine,
Just checking out your site and blog so I don't miss out on anything new! Your site is cool!
See ya,